Amazon Is The Most Popular Marketplace


According to the latest statistics from Internet Retailer, 97% of American consumers shop on Amazon. Moreover, according to their CONSUMER SURVEY where shoppers were asked: “When shopping online, where are the first and second places you visit?” Amazon proved to be the most popular online marketplace by far.

*2018 sales statistics


Weby Corp Is In The Top 100 Sellers On Amazon By Sales Volume


These days Amazon has a huge impact on any retailer, and this greatly affects both online and brick and mortar sales. For this reason, we pay very close attention to the Amazon channel and offer a full range of services for creating, optimizing and promoting listings on Amazon. Our expertise allows us to optimize listings for both new and well-known brands.



Twisted X is so grateful to be partners with Weby Corp. Since we started working together, your pairs ordered have gone through the roof. It means the world to us. Also, ya’ll are so easy to work with, always kind, and very organized. We are very thankful to have people like you spreading the word and sharing in the success of both our companies, Twisted X and Weby Corp! Here’s to many more years working together!
Jenna Frazier, Co-founder, Twisted X
Weby Corp is a true brand builder, we have had the privilege to work with Weby Corp since the inception of our Vortex Brand. They not only understand the culture of our company but are willing to grow with you as a partner thru the peaks and valleys. The word partnership would be the best definition to describe Weby Corp and it’s leadership team.
Shamus Terry, VP Sales, Vortex Optics
Weby Corp has been a fantastic partner and dealer since 2016 with Outcast Sporting Gear. Weby has always displayed the upmost professionalism, timeliness, and quality customer service. For the last three years our sales have increased with them and they have helped to enhance our brand in the marketplace, as well as following our MAP pricing program. Thanks for the business and wonderful partnership!
Kellen Kinghorn, Inside Sales, Outcast Sporting Gear
Weby Corp has been an outstanding company to work with since day one. Our relationship with them over the years has been nothing but spectacular and they continue to impress us each and every day with their extraordinary customer service and the spectacular team that makes them one of best dealers for Andersen in the USA! We’ve seen the continuous progress WebyShops and their team have accomplished is such a short time. We’re grateful for the bond we’ve established over the years and look forward to a prosperous and successful relationship for the years to come!
Archie Ioannides, Director of Sales, Andersen MFG
It has been awesome doing business with Weby Corp. I look forward to growing with Weby Corp in the years to come.
Josh Beckham, Territory Manager LA, MS, TX, OK, Avery Outdoors, LLC
Weby Corp has been managing Sitka on Amazon from day 1. Their commitment to our brand and customer base is unparalleled.
Banning Collins, Sitka Gear Rep, Class V, LLC Sitka Gear
Weby Corp has represented the 180s Brand on Amazon during the last two years. They have done an outstanding job in product presentation, execution and consistent communication focused on improving growth.
Brian Mangione, CCO, 180s
It is a pleasure to do business with Weby Corp. Weby has been one of our trusted 3rd party marketplace sellers since mid-2017 and our Insta Slim business continues to grow with our partnership. Weby understands and values our brand and product. Weby’s team is easy to work with and are prompt in responding to inquiries, requests, adhere to our MAP policy, and pricing updates. We receive orders on a regular basis, and they pay on time. We enjoy the professionalism of the Weby team and look forward to growing our business with them.
Connie Miller, Wholesale Sales, InstantFigure
We have been in business for almost 30 years. Weby Corp has been a Dealer for us for 2 ½ of those years. During this time, they have been selling our product on Amazon and other 3rd party marketplaces. They have gone out of their way to enhance our brand image & they have definitely added value to our brand. Also, they follow our MAP Policy, are very easy to deal with & are very organized. They are a smooth operating business. Payments are always on time and we have never had an issue. They are also a great group of people -very friendly & kind. I would highly recommend Weby Corp as a partner in ecommerce business. I have nothing but good things to say about this company… They are-great to do business with!
Sheryl Fleenor, Sales Manager, Daytona Helmets
Weby is one of our top retail partners due to their strong leadership, strong support team, and best practices set in place to drive sales. Our relationship with Weby has been collaborative, strategic and solid, and has experienced aggressive sales growth year over year since we started working together. Their strength is in working with their partners to identify and execute strategies to grow sales along with their support in our brands initiatives and expectations. We value our partnership and appreciate their business!
Jeanne Hall, Sales Manager, Striker Brands LLC
Dexshell shares a great relationship with Weby Shops. They have taken our products to a new level on Amazon by improving listings an providing logistical services which have produced incremental sales volume for the brand across that platform. In addition to day to day inline products Weby has been valuable in assisting us with selling through both discontinued and closeout items. Thank you Weby for being a true Channel Partner!
John Swartz, DexShell
Over the last three years we have found a true partner with the team at Weby Corp. They have been instrumental in helping to build the brand as they provide us with exceptional feedback. We appreciate the fact that they maintain and help police our MAP policy. We look forward to continuing a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come with the folks at Weby Corp.
Tim Golden, US National Fishing Sales Manager, Gill North America Inc.
We have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, integrity and, as importantly, the success we have seen working with Weby Corp. Their team has gone above and beyond my expectations of what a Third Party partnership could be. Weby’s team routinely notifies our office when they find MAP violations with a detailed report, including screen grabs, so that we may take appropriate action. They have consistently helped us, and, consequently, all of our 3P sellers, by making useful copy suggestions to increase our success in searches on Amazon’s platform. And, they are prompt with orders, meeting all deadlines, and are prompt with payments. In a crowded market, Weby really stands out as an incredibly well-run organization. They have a real “old school” way of doing a very technologically advanced, “new-school” business. They work hard, communicate clearly and promptly, and they follow through on their promises. Truly a pleasure to do business with.
Chris Nitzsche, VP Sales, Farm to Feet
Weby Corp has been one of our key partners to Garmont’s successful relaunch in North America. They’ve become a great asset to help build our brands online presence without compromising our loyal brand reputation. They handle themselves with great professionalism, and we look forward to building our relationship with Weby in the future.
John Swartz, Garmont
Pajar of Canada has been working with Weby Corp for years experiencing significant growth together. they continue to represent our product while adhering to map guidelines. Their technical knowledge has brought our brands reach to a new level. We look forward to growing our partnership on the web. Communication is always high and always are within terms!
Paul Habicht, V.P. OF PAJAR U.S.A.
Our brand has typically been represented first and foremost through brick and mortar retailing presence. While having a strong internet focus, Weby still excels with a more traditional focus utilizing their face-to-face selling channel. They are exceptionally responsive, incredibly knowledgeable, very organized and have proven to be steadfast and easy to work with partners with a matching level of customer service commitment. We have been very pleased in our relationship with Weby.
Chris Raymond, Customer Operations Manager, St. Croix Rods
This past year we have had a great relationship with Weby Corp, I am proud to say they are one of our top performing authorized Amazon dealers. Weby Corp attempts to always respect the wishes and policies of Comp-Tac and their venders. I am looking forward to seeing expanded growth with this company as we continue our relationship and continue brand growth. We have only ever hit a couple of areas that ever needed to be worked through and that was swiftly negotiated with their friendly and capable purchasing department. I look forward to continuing this profitable relationship for a long time.
Truett Whitt, Sales and Marketing, Comp-Tac
Weby Corp is a true partner and is a pleasure to do business with. Weby is one of our best dealers and we at Leupold look forward to continued success and a great partnership with the folks at Weby!
Justin Conway, Field Sales Specialist, Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

It is up to the brand to decide whether or not to have its products on Amazon, but our advice is DO NOT IGNORE this channel. Our main goal is to help brands who have great potential but lack proper experience solve their existing problems. Our extensive experience has helped us form an effective sales management system for Amazon. This system includes several key steps, and we are ready to accompany you every step of the way to maximize your sales.





Retail Store

Two Brick and Mortar Stores

Online Properties

Three Independent eCommerce Websites

Amazon Rating

100% positive

Amazon Total Reviews

Over 50,000


Amazon SEO Listings Optimization Reach 1 page of search results
A+/EBC (Enhance Brand Content) Listings Rank higher than competition for the same keywords
Amazon Store Creation and Management Match Your Brand website look and feel on Amazon
Amazon Advertising Launch and Management Drive traffic to a product listing and sell more
Negative Reviews Management Control your brand image
Pricing and MAP monitoring Know your offenders
Upload products to marketplaces Get the expertise, not the payroll
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Often companies are confident that they have reached their Amazon sales ceiling, but in most cases, there are still a lot of opportunities to increase sales. Brands face a variety of different problems as Amazon retailers. Some of them are hidden deep inside, while some are right on the surface.


We will conduct an analysis of your Amazon sales approach and identify any issues



Today most brands already have Amazon listings, but in 95% of cases, they use only half of their potential at Amazon… or even less. Often, manufacturers do not pay enough attention to how their products are presented, leaving this issue to the dealers. Dealers, in turn, are very rarely interested in promoting the brand. For them, the main thing is to buy cheap and to sell at a higher price. Often dealers are not worried about the reputation of the brand.

Our company has chosen a different path. We clearly describe the manufacturers’ problems and correct the mistakes on Amazon. In fact, we fully represent the brand’s interests.

Listing optimization requires quite a lot of resources, as well as knowledge in various areas.

Our team can not only form a list of problems but also take on the work to solve them:

Product title optimization


 Product title optimization


Similar to Google’s search algorithm, Amazon has its own infrastructure that determines where your product will rank. Product title optimization is a must if you want to rank higher.

For most categories, you have a 250 character title limit, and you should use it – all of it.


We create

  • Titles for humans based on what real people are searching for
  • Highly relevant titles using priority target keywords
  • Product titles, which give the shopper immediate important information


What we can do for your brand

We know all the best takeaways for writing killer product titles to help your brand use the real power of Amazon.

amazon listing title

Images are part of Amazon SEO, too!


 Images are part of Amazon SEO, too!

Product images are the most important deciding factor when a shopper chooses to click through from the SERPs to the product listing page. Product images are also a huge influencer on the shopper’s decision to buy.


What we do

  • Select or design product images for customers so they know exactly what they are buying.
  • Represent your product from all angles with several images.
  • Select or make product images with a decent resolution to enable zoom function
  • Make sure that your brand is clearly visible


What we can do for your brand

We will use best Amazon SEO practices with your product photos to create an advantage for your brand! Shoppers will see how wonderful your product is, how easy it is to use your product or how convenient it is to store it.

We will depict all your product’s benefits!


amazon images optimisation

Do you have videos on your listings?


 Do you have videos on your listings?

There’s no doubt about it, having a video on your listing will drastically increase your conversion rate. Videos will help you stand out from the competition!


What we do

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t have an easy way for third party sellers to add videos to their listings, but we can help!

  • We can make animated advertisements for your products
  • We can place any professional video product reviews under 20 minutes in length


What we can do for your brand

Putting a video on your listings is worth our time and energy as the results will be great for your brand development!

amazon video optimization

Bullet points


Bullet points

Bullets are a crucial area of your listing. They are highly important for Amazon SEO because they succinctly outline features, benefits and reasons for purchasing your goods.


What we do

  • Draw attention to your product and give you the precious opportunity to highlight your brand’s best features
  • Skillfully use HTML and formatting to make the bullet points more visually appealing and separate
  • Test where the best location for your most relevant keywords is within the bullet points
  • Test the distance between keywords in the bullet points to see if that has an impact on ranking


What we can do for your brand

We create a crafted set of bullet points for your product, designed to beautifully accentuate its key selling points. We also contribute to increasing keyword exposure within the organic search results.

amazon bullets optimization

Variation Relationships


Variation Relationships

Variation relationships are used to help customers easily discover, compare and purchase different variations of a product.


What we can do for your brand

We will help your potential customers quickly find your product, as well as make it easier for them to discover and compare different versions of your product on a single page. We will connect your products that are essentially the same, yet differ in one or more key attributes.

What we do

  • Find and analyze the same fundamental relationship across all your product types
  • Create valid variations
  • Set up parent/child relationships between your relevant products
  • Help you correctly use established variation themes
  • Provide the best customer experience for your clients

amazon listings optimization

Product category


Product category

Product category influences your CTR, and therefore should not be left out of your Amazon SEO efforts. When creating Amazon listings, it is critical to be as accurate as possible in choosing the product category.



What we can do for your brand

Choosing the appropriate category is a fairly straightforward task – we will select the best category where there is room for your brand to be competitive and there are opportunities to earn the first-page listing.

What we do

  • Perform targeted research on similar products
  • Monitor your competitors’ category paths
  • Find better ways to categorize what you are selling
  • Improve SEO by collecting all of the category words for keyword search terms
  • Determine the best category and subcategories that will work best for your product

amazon category

Duplicate content


D is for Danger and Duplicate content!

Duplicate content can be harmful in two ways:

  • When you have duplicate listings for the same products on Amazon
  • When your product-related content is the same on your website and on Amazon

Issues surrounding duplicate content and low-quality descriptions can spell disaster in your rankings. It can also bury your own website’s product pages if you use the same content on your website and on Amazon.

What we can do for your brand

We help you optimize products for Amazon without compromising the onsite optimization and organic traffic potential of your own eCommerce store.


What we do

  • Find and fix the duplicate content by rewriting the product pages coupled with basic keyword research and on-page optimization
  • Combine duplicate listings so that reviews are summarized
  • Make it easier for the manufacturer to control all the dealers who sell under the same listing

amazon listing optimization

Product description


 Product description


Product descriptions are extremely important when selling online.  They are part of the eCommerce “Holy Trinity” along with titles and images.


What we do

  • Add HTML formatting to your Amazon product descriptions
  • Use all the 2000 characters to persuade customers that your product is the best on the market
  • We make sure the description is easy to read


What we can do for your brand

We can make a massive difference to how your Amazon product description looks, and increase the chances of someone buying your product.

Amazon description - optimization

Technical Details


Technical Details


Technical details provide your customers with the information they need to make a purchasing decision. If customers have all the information they need without having to contact you, they are more likely to make a purchase. Details also help shoppers find what they really need.


What we do

  • Provide customers with all necessary information
  • Carefully monitor the correctness of all parameters
  • Add keywords and keyphrases


What we can do for your brand

We make your products far easier to find for customers, which has a positive impact your sales.

amazon listings optimasation

Amazon’s "Compare Similar Items"


Amazon’s “Compare Similar Items”

It’s been proven many times over the years that comparisons are an important step in the purchasing decision. Amazon’s “Compare Similar Items” Feature allows you to do side-by-side comparisons of products.


What we can do for your brand

We can make your products look advantageous in any comparison.

What we do

  • Provide all the necessary information for comparison
  • Fill in all the comparison options
  • Present all the advantages your product
  • Make your item be shown as “similar” in other listings


Amazon A+ Content


Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content integrates rich images, detailed product descriptions, charts and narrative copy to help customers make more informed buying decisions.


What we can do for your brand

We can showcase your brand and better convey the true value of your products!


Advantages of A+ Content 

  • Increases conversion
  • Enhances your brand presence
  • Increases your Amazon competitiveness


Premium A+ Content

The sixteen all-new Premium A+ modules are designed to differentiate a vendor’s products and increase brand engagement with the following features:


  • Larger images to show off your product and brand
  • Support for video
  • Interactive modules to highlight product features and lifestyle content
  • New comparison tables for easier product research

Learn more

A+ content is visually appealing

A+ content is visually appealing.


A+ content is more informative

A+ content Amazon


A+ content increases convertion

A+ content Amazon


A+ content informs of all possibilities and variations

A+ content Amazon


A+ content increases brand recognition

A+ content Amazon

Related Video Shorts


Related Video Shorts


Even if you write 1,000 words about your product, a video can say at least 10,000 more! Amazon Video Shorts give you an awesome functionality through the latest product marketing application.


What we do

  • Upload product videos to your Amazon detail pages
  • Educate and help your Amazon shoppers make more informed purchases
  • Provide your video with all necessary metadata


What we can do for your brand

WebyCorp can help make selling on Amazon successful by using  influencer video programs on Amazon Video Shorts and Related Videos sections of your brand product pages.

Using Amazon Video Shorts

Customer Questions & Answers


Customer Questions & Answers


A “Questions and Answers” page allows people to ask a question about your product and then other people or you can answer them.


What we do

  • Provide you with a bunch of great Question and Answer content which can be indexed by search engines
  • Provide your clients with some actual experience
  • Give your company strong customer data.


What we can do for your brand

We can facilitate interactions between customers and manufacturers.

Customer Questions & Answers

Catalog Listing validation

What if some of your products are not uploaded to Amazon?


In addition to optimizing listings on Amazon, we analyze the manufacturer’s assortment to check whether it’s complete. Often it turns out that a company presents only the most popular products, as the majority of dealers do not work with unpopular or new items. We believe that with proper attention to all nuances, each product has its potential – so we are trying to upload the entire catalog of the manufacturer.

For many manufacturers, this step is one of the most important, since at this stage it is necessary to collect and process a lot of data. If you make mistakes at this stage, you will spend a lot of time and effort to fix them later. We will ensure you get things right the first time.


We are ready to create listings that will meet all modern trends and Amazon requirements.


Our advantages:

  • Ability to work with a huge amount of data, create thousands of listings, including matrix ones
  • High speed of data processing and unloading on Amazon
  • Creation of the most detailed descriptions, high-quality photos and videos
  • Creation of thoroughly SEO-optimized listings
  • Personal manager for each brand, who monitors every change on Amazon
  • Opportunity to use all the Amazon additional advantages (A + listings, Video, etc.)




Negative reviews can seriously make your sales drop. Sellers should react as fast as possible to negative feedback to reduce the damage.

How we deal with negative reviews

  • Contact the customers directly trying to get them to revise or delete their negative reviews retrospectively
  • Ask Amazon to delete a negative product review, if it does not comply with the review guidelines
  • Publicly comment on negative reviews to reduce the damage to the product’s listing



Over 90% of Amazon buyers typically fail to leave feedback. Moreover, customers with a negative experience are more motivated to leave feedback.

How we can help you get more positive reviews

  • Automatically send review requests to customers
  • Customize automated emails by setting timing preferences so that customers receive emails at the time when they are most likely leave feedback
  • Generate first reviews for new products with the help of the Amazon Early Reviewer Program

The more popular your brand becomes, the more dealers want to sell your products. This leads to a number of problems that can cause great harm to your brand. In this regard, we provide a range of services that help protect your brand from unreliable “gray” dealers, who do not comply with the terms of cooperation, violate the MAP policy, or even sell fakes instead of your goods.




Each brand on its way to development on Amazon faces many problems. If you sell products online, it is very important to prove your ownership of the products you’re selling to protect your business. We help our partners to build a business development plan to protect their registered trademarks and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers.


 We can offer

  • Assistance in registering property rights
  • Recommendations for expanding the Amazon dealer network
  • Reporting violations to Amazon



Amazon Transparеncy Program functions perfectly as



Amazon is now implementing Transparency checks, ensuring that only authentic units of Transparency-enabled products are shipped to customers. Actually, transparency is an industrywide, retailer agnostic service that proactively detects the sale and shipment of counterfeit goods, tracks chain of custody, and improves transparency of products at the consumer level.



The program helps a legitimate brand owner be considered the only authoritative owner of all the products under SKUs belonging to that brand. This security feature gives the brand owner final authority on things pertaining to the brand.

Learn more about the Transparency Program




Why is MAP tracking and monitoring important?

  • Manufacturers want to protect their brand image by avoiding deceptive or excessive discounting, which has an incredible effect on brand value and negatively affects the consumer’s perception of that particular brand
  • MAP leaves online purveyors no reason to take part in price warfare of any kind, as everyone shares the same price floor, which keeps one retailer from taking cheap shots at another
  • MAP Price compliance is in the manufacturer’s interest as the more retailers sell, the more they will buy from the manufacturer, so оbeying MAP policies benefits retailers and manufacturers alike

What we can do for you


Detection of MAP violators on Amazon, Ebay, etc

Collect evidence

We take screenshots of pages with MAP violation


We prepare customized reports in the form of tables


24-hour analysis – 24/7 work

Timely notification

Automatic notification of MAP violation

Keep statistics

Statistics on dealers-violators

Brands are constantly competing with each other for the attention of consumers, therefore to create a strong brand identity means to be better and … different. Our team can help emphasize the uniqueness of your brand by opening access to the newest Amazon services, which are aimed at increasing the attention of customers not only to products but to the brand as a whole. Thus, we make consumers more likely choose your brand over other competing brands within the same business category.




Amazon Stores is a new Amazon service that allows you to emphasize the uniqueness of your brand, as well as opens up new opportunities in the area of advertising for Amazon.

Advantages you can get

  • Own a unique Amazon web address
  • Multiple pages to showcase your product catalog
  • Headline Search Advertising to drive traffic to your store
  • Receive traffic from Amazon search and detail pages

We can help you

  • Register your brand on Amazon
  • Develop a unique design for your store on Amazon
  • Set up and launch a unique advertisement for Amazon
  • Collect data on visits to your Amazon store
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