Our main store is called just the same as our online store – GritrSports.com. It is located in the center of the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. In our store one can find high-quality products of hundreds of the most famous brands at the best prices. The main assortment of the store are items for hunting, shooting and fishing, as well as reliable sports equipment, footwear, clothes and goods for home and rest.


“I came in to buy a fishing rod & eventually got hooked myself –

I left the shop in new sneakers and with a new kitchen knife for my wife”. (Bill Jameson)



Our team are real professionals who will help you choose the item you need from a variety of options.


While most retailers are moving from the brick and mortar setup to online sales – we have found a winning strategy in expanding from our online business into our local community by opening additional retail locations and participating in community events, ranging from barbeques to social runs. The employees of our store closely communicate with our customers, that’s why we have a mini-army of dedicated fans.



Are you wearing the right shoes for your feet? RunUnited is committed to helping you find the right pair. By utilizing 3D technology, we offer an in-depth analysis of your arches, width, instep, and even pressure that can cause discomfort. Our expert staff will then fit you with the appropriate shoes for your foot type and activity, whether a marathon or simply a comfortable pair of shoes for work. We carry major running brands like Brooks, Hoka, New Balance, and more.

We pride ourselves on providing every customer with a unique and customized experience. Our commitment to the community includes FREE social runs, informational clinics on running form, and injury prevention. We host road races for competitive and recreational runners. To further invest in the community, we have several Charity Partnerships.

Located in Mansfield, TX, our pilot location is inside Fieldhouse USA, which is anchored by a booming retail corridor near Broad St and Highway 287 and only a few steps away from the beautiful Walnut Creek Linear Trail System.

650 Highway 287 N. Suite 110
Mansfield, TX 76063

“Run United took the time to bring me several different pairs of shoes,

make sure the fit was correct, and even actually watched me walk in them and ensure

the fit and the correction was what I needed. I highly recommend!” –Mrs S.


Run United provides 3 core deliverables:

“Try before you buy” access to running gear and accessories

“Try before you buy” access to running gear and accessories

Training programs

Training programs

Running community development and engagement

Running community development and engagement

The idea for Run United evolved from the desire to address the needs that are not being well met in today’s world of running retail.  The needs and wants of the participants in the sport are often at odds with each other, which does not bode well for the growth of the industry.
The business  will be based on the blending of traditional retailing with cutting edge ecommerce and logistics.  Think Luke’s Locker and Zappo’s having a child that’s obsessed with running
If you have any ideas for the development of our network -Feel free to contact us
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