The run specialty brand we partner with is a leading manufacturer of natural road and trail running shoes. Their shoes deliver the comfort and fit that allow you to move naturally and remain active for a lifetime. 



Below are the problems the run specialty brand addressed to us:

  • Prior to engaging Weby Corp, the run specialty brand worked with an external marketing agency that created identical content for all listings disregarding differences between various models. As a result, individual models within the brand were competing with each other instead of the brand’s competitors in SEO terms.
  • The brand needed a marketing partner with expertise in creating proper listings on Amazon. They needed professionals that could create correct variations of products, with child items properly nestled inside a parent matrix, but available for individual view.
  • The run specialty brand needed help updating A+ content with information about newly released models, patterns and overall changes to the catalog.

  • The client had a brand growth plan that was dependent on updating its footwear line up every 6 months and needed a marketing partner that could keep up.
  •  The run specialty brand was looking for more ways to promote their products and grow the overall pie of the brand and needed a partner who could build and execute an advertising strategy for them on Amazon.
  •  The brand had an Amazon Store that only contained old and discontinued models. As a result their prospective customers had no way of quickly learning about new trends and models in the line up.




Together with the client we pursued the following key goals:


Optimize listings to their maximum performance

Improve products visibility on Amazon

Push brand awareness and customer loyalty

Generate higher sales and revenue



Working with the run specialty brand on Amazon to cover the full customer lifecycle we relied on the RACE marketing framework.

Our RACE strategy consisted of these four steps designed to help the client generate higher sales on Amazon.
R REACH more potential customers through search engine optimization and advertising.
A ACT actively and use all Amazon interactive tools to make the buying decision easier for the potential customer.
C CONVERT by utilizing all methods to increase the brand’s listings conversion rate.
E ENGAGE customers by establishing and tracking a relationship with customers, building customers loyalty and brand awareness


Below are the 4 steps explained:



Working with brands on Amazon we rely on our own listing quality assessment system. This system allows us to gather huge amounts of data on Amazon listing quality in real time. This is a “compound” metric which includes all aspects that may affect listings visibility and conversion.


Within this system the Listing Quality Score (LQS) is a calculated value (from 0 to 100), which we count based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative listing parameters that affect the probability to sell goods on Amazon.

To optimize the run specialty brand listing with product-rich keywords, we concentrated on four aspects:

  • Product Title
  • Bullet Points
  • Description
  • Backend Search Terms 

Most frequent keywords were strategically placed in the first three sections, with an extra emphasis on long-tail search queries for better chances of conversions.


We also optimized the backend search terms with queries associated with the brand’s products.

We created EBC for the brand’s new models with the following purposes:


  • To enhance the customer’s shopping experience.
  • To provide detailed information about model variations and distinctive product features
  • To help customers better understand and visualize how the run specialty brand’s products fit their needs.
  • To present the products specifications and benefits in an appealing way.
  • To tell the brand’s story and help the customers understand the brand’s concept at a deeper level.

Why does Amazon CTR matter?

A higher CTR sends more organic and paid traffic to your listing and therefore offers more opportunities for sales.

What impacts CTR?

Basically, everything the shopper sees at first glance on the Amazon search results page impacts CTR. To improve the listings Click-Through Rate we optimized both ✓ main images and ✓ titles so as to attract more customers to the brand’s products.



For the run specialty brand we decided to use the Sponsored Brands advertising tool to achieve the following goals:



Maintain brand equity



Amplify category presence



Support promotion of new models



Touch more customers with the brand





In-depth Keyword Research

  • Searching for unique keywords that’ll generate sales
  • Monitoring the competitors’ keywords
  • Negative keywords research


Developing Advertising Strategies

  • Analyzing paid search and display advertising potential
  • Developing of performance strategy
  • Developing of bid strategy


Campaign Set Up and Management

  • Ad creation
  • Bid adjustments
  • Monitoring and correction of operational performance

We updated Amazon Store for the brand:


  • We made changes to the menu to include “Going Away Soon” models.
  • We replaced old models with the current ones according to the activity. The client’s Amazon Store represented old and discontinued models, which will no longer be available for purchase.
  • We created a unified design for all ‘activity’ tabs to make it easier for the customers to browse through. Our aim was to reach consistency within the Amazon Store view.
  • We made changes to the product layout. All links to unavailable products were removed. Instead, we added newly released models to the Amazon Store.



Amazon Score


61 -> 75

The average Amazon listing quality Score for the run specialty brand items was improved by 14 points from 61 to 75 (out of ideal 100)

Conversion Rate


4.91% -> 5.58%

The average Amazon listing conversion improved by 0.67 percentage points, which allows for higher sales

Advertising Revenue



Our (retailer’s) sales raised by 7.5% due to additional orders attributed to Sponsored Brands advertising campaigns.

Sales Growth



Our Team’s expertise in Amazon marketing services and listings optimization allowed the brand’s sales to climb by 66% in a 6-months’ time.

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