Beretta USA increases sales on Amazon by 60% with successful all-round promotion strategy.


Beretta is known as the oldest active manufacturer of firearm components in the world. Today, the company is also known as a premiere manufacturer of hunting accessories and apparel.  Our task was to promote non-gun Beretta items on Amazon US.

Beretta was looking for a 2–3-year partnership to drive presence on Amazon & eBay. We were to create an all-round promotion strategy to boost sales.

This case study demonstrates the importance of a combined strategy of listings optimization,  Amazon store creation and utilization of all types of advertising on Amazon for brand promotion.


  • Beretta items were partially presented on Amazon; however, many listings were of poor quality and didn’t convert well.
  • Beretta didn’t have Amazon store and didn’t take up the opportunity to display all the items in relevant categories with straightforward navigation.
  • Beretta items were not advertised on Amazon, thus few models gained popularity without an additional boost of visibility.

Therefore, the problems were as follows:


Limited visibility on Amazon


Difficulties in showcasing of Beretta brand and product offerings in a cohesive manner


Difficulty in reaching target audience effectively



Here is what we did to drive Beretta sales on Amazon:



  • Keyword research to identify relevant keywords and phrases;
  • Optimization of product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions to include the relevant keywords;
  • Improvement of product images and upload of additional images to provide customers with a clearer idea of the products;
  • Utilization of Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content to tell the story of the brand and highlight the benefits of the products;
  • Upload of product videos.

amazon store


  • Creation of an Amazon store to showcase Beretta products and brand in a visually appealing and organized manner;
  • Utilization of Amazon store’s customization options to create a unique look and feel that reflects the brand’s identity;
  • a/b testing of options;
  • Utilization of Amazon’s store analytics to track and measure the success of the store and make data-driven decisions about future optimizations



  • Utilization of Sponsored Products ads to increase visibility of Beretta individual products and drive sales;
  • Utilization of Sponsored Brands ads to increase brand recognition and credibility;
  • Utilization of Sponsored Display to reach new customers and target specific audiences with relevant ads;
  • Regular analysis of advertising performance to optimize campaigns and improve results




Increased brand recognition and credibility


Growth of AOV (Average Order Volume)


Growth in the number of repeat customers

Improved SEO and increased visibility of items


Growth of Amazon visitors to Beretta product pages


Improvement of search ranking for relevant keywords

Increased conversions and sales


Growth of average listings conversion


Growth in the number of orders

As a result,

we had a 60% increase in revenue within a year of working with Beretta brand on Amazon.




By conducting comprehensive research and implementing a targeted optimization and promotion strategy, WebyCorp was able to increase Beretta visibility and sales on Amazon, leading to improved brand recognition, credibility, customer engagement and a stronger online presence.

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