Weby Corp operates three online properties that have evolved over time. Webyshops.com is our original site that propelled Weby into the eCommerce retail space during its early years. With time, the demands of our customers and uniqueness of our product offerings led us to launch two sister sites: GritrOutdoors.com and GritrSports.com. Each site has its own customer following and is geared to address to specific needs of the visitors and brands alike.




Amazon dominates retail, but there is a right and a wrong way to sell on Amazon. Weby Corp has developed the right way, where the interests of the brand are taken into account first and foremost. We help connect a brand’s vision for distribution with the most visited retail site on the planet. We invest in each brand’s inventory and take care of all customer service on their behalf.

FBA Fulfilment

95% of goods are sold from FBA. Fast delivery and return

Best Prices

We have the best prices among competitors

Huge Range of Products

You can find our offers in almost every category

Great Customer Service

100% positive reviews

30,000+ total ratings


Despite the best prices, we strictly adhere to MAP policy

High Performance

We are the first to offer you the opportunity to buy new brand products



eBay, GunBroker...

While Amazon may be an 800 pound gorillla, brands should not underestimate the importance of such channels as eBay, Jet.com and others. Customers tend to shop where they feel comfortable. Some customers are channel loyal. The goal for the brand is to have a retailer that can deliver consistent retail experience across all channels. You have to look no furter – Weby Corp is your partner in this endeavor.



eBay is not just an auction site but it’s a unique eco and social system that is visited by 1 billion people worldwide (600 million in the US) on a monthly basis. It trails Amazon as the number 2 in the Shopping Category and sees it as its main competitor. Ebay has gone to great lengths to develop its own following. The platform has a unique set of challenges for retailers because of its auction origins.



Firearms and related products have always been bastard children of the internet world. Google and most other platforms prohibit ads that feature guns or ammunition. GunBroker.com is essentially the eBay of the firearm world. The industry is heavily regulated by ATF and requires a lot of compliance to be worked in properly.

What's next?

What's next?

There other players in retail – Jet.com (22 million visitors), Sears.com (30 million), NewEgg.com (52 million) are all fighting for their piece of the pie. Should a brand include any one of them or all of them into its strategy? It depends. We can help you decide what’s right for you.

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