conversion rate (while the average number for the category is 3,17%)



rank for top keywords within the category 


~1.5 M

ad reach to raise brand awareness 



sales growth in just one year 


Publication date: May, 2019

It’s widely known that success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. This saying absolutely applies to the success of Scalarworks QD Mounts and Iron Sights on the Amazon marketplace. When we started our cooperation, none of Scalarworks products were presented on Amazon. Weby Copr’s main task was to ensure a strong start for Scalarworks sales by utilizing our Amazon expertise.

Weby Corp worked hard to ensure the Scalarworks product launch on Amazon was viral, but the result we have achieved exceeded any expectations. Now let’s look at several optimization efforts Weby Corp has enacted for Scalarworks.


A Bit of Background

As an omni-channel retailer, Weby Corp has always partnered with quality brands with a robust product offering, and this is exactly what impressed us about Scalarworks items. Scalarworks is a Shooter Driven™ company that designs and manufactures high performance firearm accessories for military, law enforcement, and civilian use. Scalarworks warrants that its products remain free of manufacturing and material defects for the life of the product. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top products Weby Corp has showcased on Amazon.
weby corp

We started on Amazon almost 2 years ago with several Scalarworks product lines:


scalarworks brand launch on amazon study

Scalarworks Leap – state of the art quick detach mounts


scalarworks brand launch on amazon study

Scalarworks Peak – the world’s finest iron sights


scalarworks brand launch on amazon study

Scalarworks Sync – cutting edge optic mounts for shotguns

Now, let’s see what was achieved in our Amazon partnership.


STEP 1: Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis


Time Spent: 1 Week

As Amazon is a search engine (like Google or Bing), the first item to focus on before the creation of listings is a thorough keyword research. Without this important step, Scalarworks products will never achieve a high rate of visibility to shoppers. We should also mention that the Amazon algorithm works as a positive feedback loop. This means that higher search rankings lead to more conversions, and more conversions lead to even higher search rankings.

keyword research
For Weby Corp specialists keyword research is a multi-step process:

  • Identifying seed keywords.
  • Expanding seed keywords to include related topics and concepts.
  • Setting a list of all competitors at the keyword-level.
  • Analyzing the competitors’ listings and finding patterns commonly used as head terms.
  • Dividing keywords into groups according to their search volume and relevance.

After all this was completed for Scalarworks products, we have several groups of keywords to work with in our optimization. The most relevant and powerful keywords are used in titles and bullets while the least relevant are hidden back-end Amazon keywords.

webycorp keword research

STEP 2: Listings Optimization & Video Upload


Time Spent: 2 Weeks

Listings optimization is an important part of any product launch on Amazon. For Scalarworks products this process includes:

  • Product title optimization.
  • Images selection and upload.
  • Creation of a crafted set of bullet points.
  • Creation of highly valid variations.
  • Determination of the best categories and subcategories for Scalarworks products.
  • Adding HTML product descriptions.

We also upload videos for each Scalarworks item. Here at Weby Corp we think that videos are not just “add ons” to stuff product pages, they are a must for a successful start on Amazon. We do this because online shoppers are 1.81 times more likely to complete a purchase once they’ve viewed a product video.

Thanks to all our optimization efforts, we have a strong conversion rate for Scalarworks products – 4.46%, which is an excellent indicator of success for products in this particular price range.

4.46% conversion

scalarworks listings optimisation

STEP 3: A+ Content Creation


Time Spent: 1 Week

A plus creation
Amazon A+ content is a premium offering that enhances product detail pages with in-depth and visually appealing descriptions, images and charts.


The primary aim of any A+ Content is to drive brand affinity & increase conversions. For all the Scalarworks Amazon listings, A+ Content was designed and implemented. This immediately helped to increase the conversion to 6.50% and this figure has been stable ever since.

6.50% conversion

STEP 4: Reviews & Sales Velocity


Time Spent: 2 Days to Create Follow up Emails + Monthly Analysis

It’s beyond doubt that user reviews on Amazon are a big deal, because they are helpful for comparing similar products while choosing. According to Matt Moog, Power Reviews CEO, “A product with just one review is 65% more likely to be purchased than a product that has none.” So, the impact of first reviews on a new Amazon listing is immense.


First of all, encouraging reviews means sending follow up emails to customers who have recently purchased Scalarworks products. This work includes customization of automated emails by setting timing preferences so that customers receive emails at the time when they are most likely to leave feedback. These efforts helped us receive important first reviews several days after the first purchase of Scalarworks products on Amazon.


STEP 5: Amazon Pay Per Click


Time Spent: 2 Days + Campaign Adjustments Weekly

Reach: 1,374,080 people


Here at Weby Corp, we consider Ad Impressions to be a valuable metric for Scalarworks brand promotion. This is because it shows how often ads are served for the search terms triggered by potential customers. Ad impressions increase brand recognition, and this is why we want our ads to be served more frequently. For this reason, we adjust bids at least twice a week to be competitive at any given period. This allows us to always keep exposure rates high.



Awareness of the Scalarworks brand is raised through Amazon Pay Per Click efforts. A CTR rate equal to 0.49%, which is by 0.04% higher than the average CTR in this industry, allowed us to increase sales of Scalarworks products by 36% on Amazon in just one year.

36% Sales Increase 

STEP 6: Amazon Store Creation


Time Spent: 2 Days + Edits When Needed

To increase sales and brand awareness, as well as to help shoppers discover the Scalarworks product portfolio we created an Amazon store.

The results are seen not only in the store insights, which show that the number of visitors and purchases made is constantly growing, but also in the Google SERP, where the Store is high in search numbers by the keyword “Scalarworks.” This undoubtedly helps drive more traffic to Scalarworks listings on Amazon.




sales through amazon store


scalarworks store in search


The creation of the Scalarworks Amazon Store helped to increase sales by 8% during the year on Amazon.

8% Sales Increase

Scalarworks Brand Launch on Amazon: SUMMARY

  • Amazon keyword ranking boosted.
  • Organic traffic improved.
  • High conversion rate achieved.
  • Sales velocity increased.
  • Rank after launch maintained.
  • Brand awareness improved.

Weby Corp provides a wide range of services to its partners. You can learn more about our Amazon Solutions here.


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