WEBY  was co-founded in 2010 by Michail Orlov, Igor Motkin and Alex Grigorenko.


We have been friends for ages. In our friendship we see the power of “The Three Musketeers”. (Igor Motkin)


Business partnerships are like marriages – what makes them work are some of the same principles: communication, trust and willingness to put the interests of others above your own. Building a business together is akin to raising a child – we all bring our unique skill sets in shaping the future of Weby. The ultimate goal is to build a place that changes people’s lives long after we are gone. (Michail Orlov)


Be passionate about everything you do in the business. Learn as much as you can. Respect others and enjoy results together. (Alex Grigorenko)


Igor Motkin


Рosition: President of Weby Corp since 2010

Born in Minsk, Belarus (in the USA since 2006)

Education – Economics/Marketing/Business Management

20+ years experience in Ecommerce, Sales and Purchasing, Internet Marketing

Has two lovely daughters

Likes tennis, squash, volleyball, movies, music and BEER


Michail Orlov


Position: СEO Weby since 2010

Born in Moscow, Russia (in the US since 1992)

Education: International Studies/Political Science, Strategy and Finance

20+ years in startups, Ecommerce, ERP implementations, Accounting and Finance

Hobbies: Hockey, skiing, bird hunting, fishing and dogs


Alex Grigorenko


Рosition: CIO / Head of Weby Information Systems since 2010

Born in Minsk, Belarus (in the US since 2008)

Education: Information Systems and Computer Aided Design

20+ years experience in Designing/Developing IT Systems, eCommerce, Implementation

Hobbies: Mountain/road bike, skiing, saxophone

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