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Walker’s Sport High-Grade Polycarbonate Lenses Half Frame Soft Rubber Nose Piece Adjustable Safety Shooting Glasses

  • SAFETY SHOOTING SPORT GLASSES: Protect your eyes and reduce the glare of the sun with Walker’s Sport Glasses; adjustable soft rubber nose pad conforms to a broad range of bridge sizes for custom fit and comfort
  • DESIGNED FOR AIR FLOW: Walkers Sport Shooting Glasses are designed to provide improved air flow between your face and the lenses, so you won’t have that foggy buildup that prevents you from shooting
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: High-grade polycarbonate lenses that exceed ABSI 287.1 high impact requirements ease your mind when it comes to safety; the frame is made of durable high-performance polymer to serve you long even the harshest conditions
  • PROVIDE GREAT CONTRAST: The shooting glasses especially yellow- and amber-tinted enhance your vision in various lighting conditions, improving visual clarity; they an excellent contrast between colors which improves accuracy
  • WORK GREAT WITH EARMUFFS: If you wear protective earmuffs that fit snugly, having such glasses with a thin frame is important for a comfortable fit; these glasses have thin arms whose length can also be adjusted



These sport glasses are made with high-grade polycarbonate lenses which exceed ansi 287.12003 high impact requirement. The design allows air to flow freely to prevent fogging, and features ratcheting lens pitch adjustment for custom fit and comfort.


Type: Sporting Glasses
Frame Color: Black
Quantity: 1 Pair
Style: Shooting Glasses
Frame Type: Half Frame
Lens Type: Polycarbonate
Ansi Rating: Z87.1
Lens Color: Clear
Frame Material: Polymer

The shooting glasses are totally useful for range shooting. They should be lightweight, durable and fit securely as it is important in environments with ballistic fragments and projectiles that your glasses do not move on your face. Proper eyewear is a must for keeping yourself safe at the range or in any hazardous environments.

Different safety glasses lens colors enhance your vision in various lighting conditions, improving visual clarity and depth perception.

Yellow Lenses: Tend to block out “blue light,” such as the diffused haze on a cloudy day, but bring out the orange color of a practice target. These colors increase your contrast and depth perception, which improves accuracy.

Amber Lenses: Block blue-light and work best in low light, cloudy days. The amber tint creates an excellent contrast between colors, helping the target’s orange stand out to you, even on those dreary days.

Clear/Gray Lenses: Gray is the “all-around” color. Gray lenses reduce the amount of light around you, allowing you to see a balanced tone of color. It’s ideal for bright conditions and helps you get a level sense of contrast and depth.

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