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Ocún Vision 9.1mm 70/80m Lightweight Dynamic Sport Climbing Ropes for On-Sight, Flash, Red Point & Rock Climbing

  • LOW WEIGHT CLIMBING ROPES – Low weight and small diameter, these are the basic characteristics that define the Vision climbing ropes, making them ideal for the most demanding on-sight, flash and red point climbing; thanks to its low weight, it is also suitable for multi-pitch climbing
  • CORE THERMAL TREATMENT – The individual strands of the core are chemically and thermally treated before weaving; this improves the interaction of core strands and its mechanical and dynamic properties; one end of the rope is always marked with the color of the particular length
  • HEAT SHEATH TREATMENT – The final thermal treatment is a standard treatment applied to all Ocún outdoor climbing ropes to ensure compact flexibility and pleasant handling properties; every Ocún rope has a colored band marking the mid-point to make descending easier
  • DRY AND PROTECT SHEATH COATING – Each of our ropes has a permanent PFC-Free protective layer that creates a barrier to prevent water and impurities from reaching the core; this protective treatment of fibers also reduces their friction and increases the mechanical resilience of the whole construction
  • SUPER TENSION CONTROL – Strict control of fiber tension during the manufacturing process ensures perfectly balanced tension throughout the entire cross-section of the rock-climbing rope and keeps the sheath from slipping



At 9. 1mm, the Vision Climbing Rope is Ocún ‘s skinniest line, making it ideal for long multi-pitches and demanding sport climbs alike. The Vision packs small for long approaches, and it packs a punch of 6 UI-rated falls for confident durability. Ocún included a rope marker so you can mark the middle of the rope or the ends. These ropes are ideal for rock climbing & mountaineering.


  • Zero sheath slippage
  • Low impact force
  • Low weight
  • PFC Impregnation
  • Rope marker included



  • Type: single
  • Diameter: 9.1mm
  • Static Elongation: 7.10%
  • Dynamic Elongation: 35%
  • Impact Force: 7.6kN


Ocún is a Czech climbing company which has been developing and producing its top-quality equipment since 1998 and is one of the first companies who introduced a new product – boulder crash pad.
It is worth mentioning that significant production of polyamide fiber from Slovakia as well as a long history of both climbing and textile engineering give Ocún great advantage in climbing rope manufacturing.
Since 2000 Ocún has specialized in dynamic ropes for sport and traditional climbing. In 2018 Ocún has launched a new collection of climbing ropes, which are comfortable to handle, have zero sheath slippage (owing to Super Tension Control production methods and manufacturing control) and low impact force. Ocún’s ropes are resistant to dirt and humidity and are PFC free (there aren’t toxic fluorocarbons C8 which are non-degradable in nature)

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