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CORTLAND 100 FT Trout Boss Green/Yellow Durable Weight Forward Quick-Loading High-Floating Easy-Casting Freshwater Fly Fishing Line with HTX Coating

  • VERSATILE PERFORMANCE – The Cortland Trout Boss Green/Yellow Fishing Fly Line is designed to excel in various trout fishing scenarios, including indicator fishing, casting dry flies, or throwing streamers, making it suitable for a wide range of fishing techniques and environments
  • QUICK LOADING CAPABILITY – Featuring a weight forward taper, this fly line boasts quick loading characteristics, allowing anglers to effortlessly load their rod and execute smooth, accurate casts with minimal effort; The strategically designed taper facilitates swift line turnover, enabling anglers to deliver their flies precisely to target areas with precision
  • HIGH FLOATING – With its high floating properties, the Trout Boss fly line remains buoyant on the water surface, ensuring improved visibility and responsiveness to strikes, even in rough or choppy conditions; This also contributes to the line’s responsiveness, facilitating swift hook sets and maximizing fishing success
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Crafted with a robust braided nylon multifilament core, the Cortland fly line is engineered for enduring performance and longevity; The durable core construction enhances the line’s resilience, enabling it to withstand the rigors of frequent use in various freshwater environments
  • HEAT-TEMPERED SURFACE TECHNOLOGY – The Trout Boss fly line is equipped with Cortland’s HTx coating, which seals out dirt, debris, and particles, prolonging the line’s lifespan and ensuring consistent performance by preventing hinging and maintaining high buoyancy




The Trout Series Trout Boss is our most versatile trout line. Whether you find yourself indicator fishing, casting dry flies or throwing streamers, this line will perform flawlessly. Built a full line size heavy to match fast modern action rods. Our HTx technology seals our dirt particles to prolong the life of your line.


– Quick Loading

– High Floating

– Easy Casting


WATER: Freshwater

LINE: Floating

TAPER: Weight Forward

LENGTH: 100ft

CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament



The Trout Boss taper excels whether you are indicator fishing, casting dry flies or throwing streamers. Our Trout Boss is built a full line size heavy to match fast modern action rods, generating maximum power and reducing the number of false casts.


The newly designed, thinner core gives the line a smaller diameter to mass ratio, increasing shoot ability. The Heat Tempered Surface (HTX) coating seals out dirt and particles that can hinge your shooting ability. The HTX coating keeps your line floating high and performing flawlessly. If you are looking for a rock solid, all around trout line, the Trout Boss taper will make your time on the water more efficient and effective.

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