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CORTLAND Master Braid – Strong Longer Casts Low Stretch High Sensitive Longest-Lasting Color Fishing Braided Line for Freshwater & Saltwater

  • LONGER CASTS – Master Braid enables anglers to achieve longer casts due to its tightly woven construction and minimal line drag, allowing for greater distance when casting; Whether angling in freshwater lakes, rivers, or challenging saltwater environments, the braid from Cortland provides anglers with a competitive edge, allowing them to reach prime fishing spots that were previously out of range
  • EXTENDED LIFE – With FiberTech protection and Opti-ConTM Technology, this braided line boasts an extended lifespan, maintaining its body and handling cast after cast; This feature ensures anglers can rely on the durability of the line for repeated use without significant wear or degradation
  • MINIMAL LINE DRAG – The tight and strong construction of Master Braid reduces line drag, providing anglers with smoother casts and improved control over their fishing presentations; This feature is particularly advantageous when targeting elusive fish species or fishing in challenging conditions
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS REEL TYPES – Whether using spinning, baitcasting, or other conventional reels, Cortland fishing braided line performs exceptionally well across different reel types; Its versatility makes it a go-to choice for anglers seeking a reliable line for various fishing techniques and setups
  • LONGEST-LASTING COLOR – Master Braid’s ColorLast technology ensures vibrant and long-lasting coloration that remains intact even after extended use; Anglers can trust that the line’s color will not fade or bleed over time, maintaining its visual appeal and stealthiness underwater




Cortland Master Braid is the most consistently performing super braid, ideal for a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater applications. Implementing Cortland’s Opti-ConTM Technology, gel-spun fibers are woven into a tighter and stronger braid that stacks better on the reel.


Master Braid is treated with FiberTech protection that bonds to the individual gel-spun fibers, which adds body and improves handling of the line. This super braid excels at strike detection, instantaneous hooksets and longer casts. With exceptional strength and low stretch, Master Braid doesn’t require a break-in period and maintains its body and handling cast after cast for an extended life. ColorLast provides long-lasting color that does not bleed.



– Longer Casts;

– Extended Life;

– Minimal Line Drag;

– Spinning, Bait Casters or Other Conventional Reels;

– Longest-Lasting Color;

– Virtually No Stretch;

– High Sensitivity.


Master Braid is an all-purpose, solid spectra braid that is constructed using Opti-Con and HMWPE Technology resulting in the tightest gel spun braid with each pound test having its own unique construction. Offered from 5 lb to 200 lb, Master Braid is ideal for a wide variety of applications. Use the 5 lb to drop shot for big smallmouth or grab a spool of 40 lb and surf cast for monster Striped Bass.

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